“Music and movement are powerful partners…they get kids’ brains firing in all cylinders”

– Dr. Mike

“Music and movement will supercharge mental circuits to beat stress, sharpen
thinking, and enhance learning.”

– Ratey, J

“Music and movement promote accelerated learning and long-term retention”

– DePorter & Reardon

“Music and movement touch our emotions, emotions get our attention and attention leads to learning”

– Dr. Mike

“Music and movement enhance overall confidence and self-esteem and ignites motivation that increases the desire to learn.”

– Pica, R

“Music and movement support the social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and language and literacy domains.”

– Jensen, E

“Music and movement help children manage their emotions in a healthy and positive way.”

Cambell and Kassner

“Music and movement calm and stabilize the nervous system in young children.”

Baumeister and Vohs

“Auditory rhythm (music) and motor functioning (movement) support outcomes for children across the autism spectrum.”

Hardee & LaGasse

“Music and movement have a positive impact in introducing and reinforcing new and old language in ELLs.”

Ashworth & Wakefield