Sing to Read

Dr. Mike’s “Sing to Read” program  is a multi-sensory approach to develop critical early reading skills (print awareness, phonological and phonemic awareness, fluency, prosody, sight word recognition, vocabulary development, and confidence) through popular children songs (Click here for sample of songs: Wheels on the Bus, Miss Mary Mack, Five Little Monkeys, etc.) arranged to popular rhythms (Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae, etc.),  multi-cultural poster-cards/story cards of song, students take-home book, and pocket chart phrases / words.  In addition, these songs provide a perfect opportunity to introduce children to the world of science knowledge, understanding, and science vocabulary through engaging kinesthetic activities. Furthermore, these experiences will promote / increase a genuine interest in science.  

“Sing to Read” is being enthusiastically embraced due to its contemporary musical arrangements along with the innovative and engaging activities that address early literacy skills while integrating innovative kinesthetic activities.   These kinesthetic activities develop coordination while promoting cross-lateral movement which forces both sides of the brain to communicate and reading depends on the intimate connection between the two hemispheres (Donczik, J. 1994). Furthermore,  research findings state that a child’s motor coordination in kindergarten will determine the child’s reading and math outcome by the end of 1st grade (Goldstein, D. and Britt, T.,1994). Finally,  the Center for Applied Linguistics and University of California at Berkeley (click for article) have stated that this methodology of singable books is one of the best ways to develop English proficiency in ELLs.  

“Sing to Read” items:

Sing to Read” Kit: ($200.00) The “Sing to Read” kit includes 1) 13 sets of poster song cards (11″ x 17″); 2) black-line master to create students own take home book (5.5″ x 4.25″) to practice singing and reading to their family and friends.  These take home books will develop fluency, comprehension, and a deeper and authentic interest in reading;  3) and Sing to Read CD with 14 diverse and modern musical arrangements /rhythms (Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae, R and B, Country, Latin, etc. ).   The song cards are perfect for circle time or for your literacy center.  Furthermore, teachers will have free access to online resources (ideas and activities) that focus on the development of early reading skills (phonological/phonemic awareness,  vocabulary development, fluency, sight word recognition, and confidence)science knowledge; math; physical and social/emotional development

Note: free online resource of ideas and activities. 

Why are the poster song cards illustrations in black and white and not in color?  Research findings state that color illustrations take the child away from focusing on the text, which is a critical part in developing basic print awareness skills.

Sing to Read” Pocket Chart Phrases: ($75.00) The “Sing to Read” pocket chart phrases are great to develop  print awareness but more importantly they are essential to develop other reading skills, such as print awareness (by introducing uppercase letters in the beginning of the phrases and the commas, question marks, exclamation marks, and periods at the end of the phrase); phonological and phonemic awareness (by deleting, substituting and adding of letters within words); sight word recognition (by framing of words); fluency (by singing/chanting of the predictable and familiar text); tracking (by guided sing-along and framing of words and phrases); and comprehension (by placing phrases in the correct order). 

“Sing to Read” CD:  ($17.50) The “Sing to Read” CD has 14 popular children songs arranged in modern cultural rhythms (Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae, Country, R & B, Latin, etc.).  These songs are great for developing auditory discrimination due to the all the rhyming and alliteration  within the songs.  Singing also develops fluency and reading confidence in young readers.  

Songs: 5 Little Monkeys (Urban Version); Itsy Bitsy Spider; Farmer in the Dell; Did you Feed my Cow; 5 Little Ducks; Michael Boy (Aikendrum); Down by the Bay; Mary had a Little Lamb; 5 Green Speckled Frogs; Humpty Dumpty; Old MacDonald; Miss Mary Mack; Wheels on the Bus; and 5 Little Monkeys (Rock version)