Keynote Speaker

Music, Movement and Learning:
Bringing JOY to Education

Dr. Mike’s commitment to music and movement in early childhood and the role it plays in fostering true learning will bring significant insights into the process of rethinking early childhood education.  His music, movement, and  innovative ideas are sure to bring excitement and joy to early learning while developing critical school readiness skills.  More importantly, music and movement meet the needs of ALL children.

Testimonials from Conference Coordinators:

“Dr. Mike has made this one of the most dynamic conferences I’ve ever attended.  An audience of more than 850 people were dancing and singing with Dr. Mike as his method of teaching.  Workshops sessions taught by Dr. Mike were filled to capacity with waiting lists of participants.  We can’t wait to bring him back as a stand-alone presenter.” 

“Dr. Mike keynoted our EC Conference and the reviews were superb!  His dynamic performance was informative and inspiring.  Several of the comments from the participants described Dr. Mike as “Amazing”, “Dynamic” and “Informative.”  Teachers left with TONS of ideas to incorporate into their classrooms. Dr. Mike is an outstanding presenter!” Mike’s presentation makes me wish I was in his kindergarten class.  Awesome keynote!”

Hip-Hop to Rock:
Developing Critical Early Reading Skills

By singing along to popular children songs (Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Monkeys, etc.) with Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae, and Latin rhythms and  conducting kinesthetic activities develop a wide range of critical early reading skills such as; print awareness, phonological and phonemic awareness, vocabulary and sight word recognition, fluency and confidence.  Most important of all, it promotes the natural love for reading.

Testimonials from conference coordinators:

“Dr. Mike is one energetic and dynamic presenter who will not only leave his participants laughing, moving, and singing but will also leave them thinking and creating. Dr. Mike speaks with authority because he has the classroom experience as well as the textbook/research knowledge under his belt. He makes learning fun!”

“Dr. Mike presented at the opening plenary of our National Conference to rave reviews.  His energetic performance was both entertaining and informative.  Comments from the conference participants include, “He was very up-beat, knowledgeable and interesting.”  “Awesome!”

The Hidden Power of Movement:
Stretching the Muscles of the Brain

Children need to move.  Not just for the sake of their physical selves, but also for the development in language, social relations, creative expression, and literacy skills..  We are not all auditory learners.  Students need to be taught in a multi-sensory approach.  Movement is fun and exciting for young children and makes learning meaningful and promotes longer retention while addressing multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles which foster critical thinking.

Testimonials from conference coordinators:

“Dr. Mike was an amazing keynote speaker that kept our conference participants engaged to the last minute. His excitement and passion helped to inspire each of us to not only use music in the classroom as a learning tool but to recognize the importance and efficacy of building vocabulary through songs.  His presentation was relevant and engaging.  He is a must see!”

“Within minutes of starting his keynote presentation, Dr. Mike had the audience up, moving and learning. His energetic presentation style kept us all engaged while reminding us all how we make a difference.  He combined movement and music as strategies in increase literacy, retention of skills and critical thinking in young children!”

Wow, this is Fun!
Music, Movement and Science

Science should be and can be exciting and meaningful during the early childhood years.  Science and young children make perfect companions based on the child’s natural interest, curiosity, and natural love to move.  Music and movement are the perfect tools to promote meaningful experiences on science concepts and vocabulary.  In additional, the movement activities will create neural pathways in young brains.

Testimonials from conference coordinators:

“Dr. Mike’s enthusiastic opening keynote set the tone for a successful conference!  Without Dr. Mike, we would not have been able to provide such an exceptional conference experience to our literacy practitioners and early childhood education leaders across the nation and around the globe.”

“What amazing energy and commitment Dr. Mike brings to the audience! His passion for providing the best educational advantage for children is evident in his dynamic delivery! As someone who believes in the children and the future they represent I am so appreciative of Dr. Mike’s visit in the Rio Grande Valley!”

Dr. Mike can customize his keynotes to meet your conference theme.

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