Staff Development

Music, Movement, and Learning:
Making Learning Fun and Exciting! 

 Music and movement are powerful tools in early childhood that foster a true learning experience.   This multi-sensory approach will provide attendees with  innovative ideas are sure to bring excitement and joy to early learning.  More importantly, music and movement meet the needs of ALL children.

Testimonials from School District EC Directors:

“In the 42 years of working in early childhood education, I have rarely experienced a training that motivated and excited me about teaching young children as much as Dr. Mike’s “Music and Movement”.  He has the inside track on how children learn. We started this school year off with an enthusiastic “dose” of Dr. Mike and his amazing strategies for our youngest children.”

“Dr. Mike was AWESOME throughout his presentation! I wish it could have been longer. Dr. Mike’s strategies to learn through music is creative and active and is sure to keep teachers and students engaged and motivated.”

Music, Movement and Science:
Wow this is fun!

Science should be and can be exciting and meaningful during the early childhood years.  Music, movement and science are perfect companions based on the child’s natural love for music and movement plus their curiosity for science.   Through the integration of music and movement young children will develop science knowledge and understanding while increasing their interest in the world of science.

Testimonials from Head Start Directors / Education Managers:

“It was such a great pleasure to include Dr. Mike in our program’s annual professional development training sessions.  We were looking for someone who could motivate our teaching staff and we found him!  Dr. Mike was awesome, very interactive, and full of innovative techniques that were used throughout the session.  We were able to get up, get fit, and move with phenomenal ideas that develop critical school readiness skills.  We plan to invite him back soon.

“THANK YOU for being part of our training regimen.  You will now be a fixed part of our yearly training.  I can honestly tell you that our teachers have never been so engaged during a training.  I have been flooded with emails, texts, calls, etc. …wanting you to come back and wanting Dr. Mike products.”

Sing and Sign:
Building Muscles in Young Brains

Singing releases endorphins, which is associated with feelings of pleasure, and also releases oxytocin, which has been found to alleviate anxiety and stress.   Integrating ASL signing into your literacy program accelerates letter and sound identification / recognition while promoting and motivating young children to read and write.   Together, singing and signing are neurological experiences that build neural pathways in young brains.

Testimonials from Pre-K Principals:

Dr. Mike’s staff development was awesome!  His presentation on using music and movement was engaging with participants singing and signing…we had a great time.  Dr. Mike’s outstanding presentation made it one of the best trainings we’ve had in a long time!  Survey reviews consistently echoed, “We loved it…bring back Dr. Mike!”

“Dr. Mike is a MUST see and hear! He was the perfect compliment to our initiatives to improve early literacy skills for our students. The teachers left both excited and knowledgeable about how to make classroom activities both fun and educational. His innovative and energetic music and presentation style was contagious.”

Sing to Read:
Developing Critical Early Reading Skills

By incorporating kinesthetic activities with sing-along children develop auditory discrimination, vocabulary, fluency, and coordination.  Furthermore, by integrating  text (through song-card, chart tablet, or pocket-chart phrases) students develops print awareness, phonological/phonemic awareness, sight word recognition, and confidence in young readers.   Most important of all, it promotes the natural love for reading.

Testimonials from workshop coordinators:

“Dr. Mike’s workshop is the best that I have attended. He is extremely energetic and motivating. The teachers were so excited to get back in the classroom and start implementing his practices. Dr. Mike has so much to offer.” See you next year!”

“OMG!  What an awesome experience.  Our teachers are truly going to love this approach to learning…makes so much sense! Awesome presentation Dr. Mike!”

Dr. Mike can also customize his trainings to meet your staff / professional development needs.

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