Miss Mary Mack



* Group students in pairs (by passing out tongue depressor and having them locate their partner) and read story and have students share their thoughts on questions asked (click here) before, during and after reading the story, plus narrative questions (click for pdf)

* Things to share after reading book, singing and chanting song

a) Listen to the words I say and tell me if they rhyme Mary – John / Mary – Larry (select other words from the song and rhyming and non-rhyming words and ask them if they rhyme)

b) Tell me a word that rhymes with _____________(repeat this exercise with different words from the song)

c) I am going to say a word from the song and you tell me what letter it begins with (select word from song)

d) Listen to the word I say and lets count the syllables (clap, snap, pat or stomp syllables with the class)

e) I am going to say a sentence from the story / song and you fill in the word that is missing


Miss Mary   ______________ all dressed in  ____________.

With silver _______________ all down her _____________.

(continue with song)

f) I am going to say part of a sentence and you finish the sentence.

Example: (teacher) Miss Mary Mack

                    (students) all dressed in black.

                    (teacher) With silver buttons

                    (students) All down her back.

                    (continue with song)

g) Once they are able to accomplish the task by phrases you can now do it by word. (T = Teacher  and S = Students)

Example: (T) Miss  (S) Mary (T) Mack (S) all  (T) dressed  (S) in  (T) black  (continue with song)

* Discussion questions can be talked about in a group or with partners as conversation practice.  Have kids pick a colored Popsicle stick or card and match the color to find their partner.  Have kids answer questions about their partner.                                                                                                                                                                             – Topic A: Discuss the purposes of money (food, clothing, toys, houses, charity).  We all use money, but sometimes it looks different.  Introduce coins from other countries.

Topic B:  Look at Miss Mary’s clothes.  Do they look nice?  Do you pick out your own clothes to wear?  What’s your favorite thing to wear? 

* Complete Venn diagram and compare characteristics of mom and dad with similar characteristics in the middle (click for pdf)

* Complete a story map: title, setting, characters, problem, and solution.

* Use this song to practice echo reading, choral reading, buddy reading, and work on phonological awareness activities (click for example)

* Create different ending…they jumped so high…You can also create your own last verse.  What happened to the elephants once they returned on the fourth of July

* As a class, create silly alliterative sentences. Example:  Miss Mary Mack marches on Monday mornings.  

* Use this song to practice echo reading, choral reading, buddy reading, and work on phonological awareness activities. (click for example)

* Have students recreate parts of the song

All dressed in _____________

With silver _____________

All down her ___________

She asked her ____________

For _______________

To see a ____________

jump over the ____________


* Give kids a magnifying glass to study the coins up close.

* Coin cleaning.  Children bring in “dirty” pennies from home and experiment with various ingredients: vinegar, salt, and ketchup, along with some ingredients that will not clean pennies well (such as water, flour, etc.)    Children experiment with the different materials to find what cleans pennies the best. (Vinegar and salt together will clean pennies, and ketchup by itself will clean them.)

* Coin Rubbings.   Children lay thin paper on top of coins hot-glued to poster board cards and clip it with clothespins to hold the paper it place. They use the flat side of a crayon to rub over the paper and make an impression of the coins.

* Button practice.  Bring in old shirts to have kids practice buttoning.


* Sort and count buttons by color.

* Identify, sort and count coins.  Teach these rhymes and chants to remember coins and their value

Penny, penny, easily spent.

Copper, brown and worth 1 cent.


Nickle, Nickle, thick and fat.

You’re worth 5 cents. I know that.


Dime, dime, little and thin.

I remember you’re worth 10.


Quarter, quarter, big and bold.

You’re worth 25 cents, I’m told.

* Use quarters to talk about quarters, halve, and whole dollars.  Four quarters equals a dollar.

* Toss pennies onto a mat.  They must then count how many landed on heads and tails.

* Make patterns with coins.  (Example:  penny, nickel, penny, nickel or heads, tails, heads, tails)

* Roll the die and stack that amount of quarters.  Continue until the stack falls.

* Place 25 or 50 pennies in the middle and have students roll die and students pulls the number of pennies (based on number on die) from the stack of pennies.

* Graph who is wearing more black…boys or girl

* Make dominoes by cutting white poster board into rectangles, drawing a dividing line down the middle, and hot glue one coin (dime, nickel, penny, quarter, and silver dollar) on each side of a dividing line.  Play dominoes the traditional way by matching coins

Social / Emotional 

* Act out the song using stick puppets, masks or by assigning roles (click for pdf)

* Group children in pairs and have them chant the song while incorporating hand jives – hand clapping motions as you sing “Miss Mary Mack.” Once they are able to chant along the entire song with you then have them chant the repetition words as you chant the initial phrases to each line.

Ex. (you chant)   Miss Mary

(kids chant) Mack, Mack, Mack,

(you chant)   all dressed in

(kids chant) black, black, black.


* Hand jive the following rhyme:

Lemonade, crunchy ice.

Beat it once, beat it twice.

Lemonade, crunchy ice.

Beat it once, beat it twice.

Physical / Outdoor

* Chant the song as you move around the playground.  Every time you get to a repeating word, hop on one foot.

* Line kids up an d have them take a step for each word and leak for the word repeated.

– Miss (step) Mary (step) Mack (hop) Mack (hop) Mack (hop)

– all (step) dressed (step) in (step) black (leap) black (leap) black (leap)   etc.

* Penny pitching.  Place a coffee can away from the group.  Draw a line for them to stand behind and take turns pitching pennies into the can.

* Buried Treasure.  Bury coins in a sand box or section of the playground.  Have kids dig for treasure.  When done have students take their coins to class and count the value for each student.

* Teach the kids that are ready for something more advanced how to clap the game out with a partner using more advanced techniques.  Encourage them to practice and see how fast they can go

* Go outside and create a fence using a rope and have the kids jump over the fence.

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