Five Green and Speckled Frogs



* Group students in pairs (by passing out tongue depressor and having them locate their partner) and read story and have students share their thoughts on questions asked (click here) before, during and after reading, plus narrative questions (click for pdf)

* Things to share after reading book, singing and chanting song.

a)Listen to the words I say and tell me if they rhyme: frog – stick / frog – dog.  Select words from song (five, green, frog, sat, bugs )and rhyming and non-rhyming words 

b) Tell me a word that rhymes with _____________(repeat this exercise with different words from the song)

c) I am going to say a word from the song and you tell me what letter it begins with (select words)

d) Listen to the word I say and lets count the syllables (clap, snap, pat or stomp syllables with the class)

e) I am going to say a sentence from the story / song and you fill in the word that is missing

Example: Five green and speckled __________ sat on a speckled __________eating the most delicious ________

f) I am going to say part of a sentence and you finish the sentence.


                    (teacher) Five green and speckled frogs

                    (students) sat on a speckled log

                    (teacher) eating the most delicious bugs

                    (students) one jumped into the pool.  etc.

                    (you can make the phrases longer or shorter

g) Once they are able to accomplish the task by phrases you can now do it by word. (T = Teacher  and S = Students)

Example: (T) Five  (S) green (T) and  (S) speckled  (T) frogs  (S) sat  (T) on  (continue with song)

* Complete Venn diagram and compare a frog to another living animal with similar characteristics in the middle (click for pdf)

* Complete a story map: title, setting, characters, problem, and solution.

Sing, chant, and recite song through echo, choral, and buddy reading. (click for example)

* Work on phonological awareness activities using pocket chart phrases and words. (click for example)

* Synonyms.  Chant song and substitute words to expand vocabulary.   Example: speckled = freckled, spotted, polka dotted  / eating = devouring, ingesting, chomping.

* Replace the word green with different color word cards.  Ask kids to recite song based on color and number of the card you are holding up using dots to correlate number.  Repeat with different color words and numbers.

* As a class, create silly alliterative sentences.  Example: Five frogs feasted on five French fries.

* Have children color frog with speckles and trace the word “frog” (click for pdf)


* Have kids color, cut and order the life cycle of a frog. (click for pdf)

* Discuss the habitat of frogs.  Where do they live?  What do they eat?

* Discussion question:  What’s the difference between a pool or pond, creek, river and the ocean? Download may take 45 seconds due to quality of pictures  (click for pdf)

* What floats?  Discuss the way lily pads float and rocks sink.  Use a water experiment to test different items.  Ask the children to predict if it will sink or float.  Chart your answers.


Use printout to sequence size of frogs on log (brown legal size construction paper). (click for pdf)

* Use printout to pattern happy and sad frog on sentence strip.  (click for illustration)

* Use printout, dice and play-dough to create a game counting out the speckles on the frog.  Roll dice, count dots and create matching number pieces of play-dough speckles on the frog. (click for pdf)

* Download and print 2 copies of frog pictures and play concentration. (click for pdf)

* For a whole group activity, stamp the kids finger to draw frogs on them.  Have the children hold a finger down everytime a frog jumps into the pool.

Social / Emotional

* Act out the song using stick puppets, masks or by assigning roles and having them sit on an imaginary log. (click for pdf)

* Print out happy, sad, mad, and surprised frogs.  Have kids select one and share what makes them feel this way (click for pdf)

* Discussion questions can be talked about in a group or with partners as conversation practice.  Have kids pick a colored Popsicle stick or card and match the color to find their partner. After talking, ask kids to answer questions about their partner.

      —Topic A:  Where do you like to swim with your friends and family?

     —Topic B:  Why would a frog make a good pet?  What would you name it? What would you feed it?  Where would you keep it?  How would you play with it?  Would you kiss your pet frog?

     —Topic C: Who likes to eat frog legs?  What do you think they would taste like?  Would they be squishy or crunchy

* Discuss children from different parts of  the world who eat bugs or frogs as part of their diet.

Physical / Outdoor

* Declare it “Frog Day”!  Let the children pick funny frog names and compete in the Frog Olympics.

(a) play Leap Frog; (b) hold a leaping contest and measure the longest and shortest leaps; (c) hop and count to ten by 1’s, 2’s and 5’s; (d) leap per letter and spell   F-R-O-G.

* Sing or chant “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” while incorporating movement to the song. (click to view)

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